Food for the Soul - The Book of the Golden Precepts - translated and annotated by H.P.Blavatsky

Beware lest thou Shouldst set a foot still soiled upon the ladder’s lowest rung.  Woe unto him who dares pollute one rung with miry feet.  The foul and viscous mud will dry, become tenacious, then glue his feet unto the spot, and like  a bird caught in the wily flower’s lime, he will be stayed from further progress.  His vices will take shape and drag him down.  His sins will raise their voices, like as the jackal’s laugh and sob after the sun goes down; his thoughts become an army, and bear him off a captive slave.

 ‘Chosen fragments from ‘The Book of the Golden Precepts’ translated and annotated by H.P.Blavatsky in ‘The Voice of The Silence’