The Mystic Christ

Atma Namaste!

The Mystic Christ relates to the Trinity of and in the individual. This Trinity is also called the Father, Mother and Son--- the Son being the Christ within.

You remember that Paul spoke of the Christ being ‘formed in you’. This is literally true. In the brain of every individual there lies what is known as a spiritual foetus, usually passive and dormant.

“Just as the oak tree could never be found in the acorn, so the spiritual foetus could never be diagrammed in the brain, though there are definite focal points relating to its formation. The substance of the foetus itself is spirit or mind – not brain.”

“In the dramas of the Mysteries it was called the Christ Child within. It could be likened to the foetus in a mother’s womb except that it is of spiritual substance.”

“This Christ Child attains reality through union of the positive-negative forces, or the Father-Mother forces, represented by the pineal and pituitary glands. From this mystic marriage comes the birth of the Christ within. This birth signals a temporary opening of the Third Eye.”

“One important step in attaining this exalted consciousness is to express Love – not human love but divine Love – and people are presented a most excellent opportunity to attain this spiritual height every Christmas time, or just following the Winter Solstice. Only to the degree that divine Love permeates one’s personal aura, can the individual absorb and benefit from the down pouring.

Spiritual Dew from the great Sun God at this ancient and sacred time of the year. This of course is true whether one is a Christian or not. These ancient energies reach farther back into antiquity than the birth of Jesus. This divine energy is available to all of life at this sacred time.”

“The love and compassion one radiates toward fellow beings acts as a magnet to attract to oneself a like portion of the heavenly substance surrounding the Earth at that time. This does not mean that one can attain this state only at Christmas, but it does mean the power of the out pouring is greater than that at any other time of the year.” [Fifth Degree]


Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and this December, Eid Al Adha, each offer full measures of Light, promise, joy, hope, re-connection, commitment and powerful, positive introspection. Take it in, let it make magic your highest nature and share it with loved ones and the community of all living beings both near and far, never forgetting those who feel more burdened than hopeful, more loss, sorrow and injury than joy during this time of a great down pouring of Divine Light.

‘The Voice of Astara’ December’07, Volume 57, No.3